Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing

Staining adds new life to faded or cracked concrete. Stencils and stencil tape are the most common tools used in staining concrete per square foot. Stencils will draw detailed images on the concrete resurface using a stencil head. Marking the area with an index card, you simply apply the stencil to the area and then wipe it off to reveal the new concrete surface underneath. This concrete resurfacing solution is best used in spotless areas, but not for exterior applications. Sometimes stains need to be re-applied over a period of time to achieve the desired results.

Decorative concrete resurfacing in Renton, Washington involves applying a clear topcoat over a stained or damaged surface to visually improve the appearance of the spotless surface. The most popular decorative concrete resurfacing products are acid-based stains, which add a rich sheen to the surface of the spotless concrete. Most acid-based stains are applied over a bare top layer to create a raised pattern on the surface that makes the exposed concrete look like a raised stamp. Using a staining roller, the roller marks the area at various different levels, usually in half-inch increments. Since acid-based stains do not penetrate into the concrete, the topcoat must be thick enough to provide a durable seal

If your driveway or garage floor is damaged or cracked, you may want to consider concrete resurfacing as a solution. For example, if you have a cracked garage floor because of heavy vehicle traffic, you can use concrete resurfacing to repair the cracked concrete floor. You would first create a raised pattern on the floor by using a trowel and then apply a coating of concrete paint. The acid in the concrete paint helps to create a strong seal for a long-lasting solution and protect the concrete from weather damage. In addition to repairing damaged concrete slabs, concrete resurfacing can also be used to patch holes and small cracks. This process is most useful for larger areas, such as driveways and garages, that cannot be repaired using regular cement since the added thickness of the concrete sealer will help prevent pooling of water under the driveway or garage floor.

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