Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

* Epoxy is Not the Answer – Epoxies are not the answer when concrete repair is needed due to structural problems. You may have noticed that when you have a small hole in your exterior wall that it quickly becomes larger. This is because the expansion and contraction of the concrete itself is triggered by the temperature outside and not necessarily from the presence of moisture. When you apply the epoxy to a large area, such as a cracked sidewalk, the cracks will fill in. If you want to avoid these larger cracks, you should use a different type of sealant.

* Do Not Try to Repair the Cracked Sidewalks Yourself – If your sidewalk has large cracks, you should call in a professional to come in and repair them for you. However, if you have smaller cracks that are not easily repaired, you can save money by repairing them yourself. One way you can repair smaller cracks is with an epoxy. If you have a small repair job on a sidewalk, you should first apply the epoxy to the affected area. Leave the area to dry for a few hours, then apply another coat and buff.

* Don’t Use Expensive Materials – As mentioned earlier, concrete repair in Renton, Washington is often best left to the professionals. They have the right tools and the proper knowledge to do a great job. While concrete repair mortars are cheap, you don’t want to make your repairs at home because you will end up with a cheap product. Ask your contractor for recommendations for high quality materials and he will be more than happy to tell you. Once your concrete repair has healed, you will probably notice a difference. Smaller cracks will disappear, and the color of the surface should improve. For larger cracks, the contractor will be able to place rebar to strengthen the entire slab. You should let the slab sit for a couple of weeks to completely set. This gives the concrete a chance to cure without the pressure of another construction day causing premature cracking.

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